FAQs – FAQs - Everything you need to know about Mens Beard | Riseofwolf.com

1. After placing an order, how do I know it has been placed?

A confirmation Email and SMS is sent after a successful order has been placed, mentioning the order number and the time of delivery.

2. Can an order be modified after placing it?

Currently, this is not possible. We will incorporate it once this feature is introduced.

3. Can an order be tracked?

After receiving the confirmatory email, you can always email us at care@riseofwolf.com or call us at 0120 6500502 or +91-9971533548.

4. Are there any shipping charges?

There are no shipping charges for the orders.

5. Do you take orders over the phone?

No, we don’t take orders over the phone.

6. Will I get a call before delivery process starts?

No, as a process, we don’t call before initiating delivery but once can always know the status by calling at 0120 6500502 or 09971533548.

7. How long will my order take to arrive?

It generally takes 5-7 working for delivery but in case of a force majeure, it might get delayed. In any case, our contact numbers are open for your service to give you a real time update.

8. Is there a priority delivery service?

Generally the order follow a standard time period but in case of geographic proximity to our warehoses, it might get delivered early. You can always check your region’s delivery time on mail or call.

9. What is the Best for my Beard?

Beard Management involves first cleaning the beard with a wash like Wolf Nature’s therapy and then using a Beard oil. Remember, Beard oils are different from normal hair oils. This is where Wolf Anti Frizz Beard oil comes to help. Ultimately, you can style it using a Wolf Beard and Moustache wax. Wolf is all Natural, hence, unlike other products, you can use Wolf products without a second opinion.

10. How is Beard growth oil different?

Beard Growth oil like Wolf’s Rejuvenating Beard growth oils promote follicular growth. Wolf Rejuvenating Beard growth oil contains Redensyl, A blue eyed boy of beauty industry, which is a natural catalyst.

11. How do I select products for my kind of Beard?

This would be difficult to tell without a diagnosis from a Hair Expert. But, Natural components don’t have any side effect because of which, just take a smart dig at Wolf Beard Wash, Beard oil and Beard Wax.

12.  Are beard growth supplements harmful?

Supplements taken in right moderation with right medical guidance are not harmful, but may have side effects if they are chemical based. Hence, Going natural with products like Wolf is a safe choice to make

13. Does shaving increase beard growth? / Does shaving make facial hair grow faster?

No, Shaving does not result in increased Beard Growth. In Teenage, such perceptions generally surface, since the Beard hair are starting to form and they naturally tend to grow in volume as per Genetics. A good diet, exercise and a proper Hair care are key to beard growth.

14. Does sunlight stimulate beard growth?

Yes, Sunlight provides Vitamin D, which is good for the production of testosterone in the body, which is a key hormone that fires up the male hair growth. Also, when Skin receives more sun, the capillaries expand, sending more blood to beard follicles and hence, foster growth. But does indulge in the excess of sunlight, as it may even burn the skin cells.

15. Which oil stimulates beard growth: hair oil or coconut oil?

There are specially formulated oils for hair at different places in the body, owing to their place and functions in the body. Also, Hair of body parts happen to be different from the hair on the Head, depending on their resistance to hormones, and hence need to be treated specifically.

Natural oils are always good for the body: whether it be coconut, castor, argan, jojoba etc, but for best results, use combination of oils which provide more nourishment. Look up for a Brand of your choice or consult a specialist.

16. Reason behind thin beard growth.

It might be genetic or in some cases, the Hair Follicles receive less nourishment. A proper diet exercise and giving right care with oil massages and nourishment, this problem gets taken care of.

17. Does beard growth affect height growth?

No, Beard and height growth are not related.

18. Does scratching one's beard stimulate growth?

Scratching just might be a symptom of dandruff, in which case, use a good Beard Wash like Wolf’s Nature’s theray and use Anti Frizz oil for nourishment.

A massage to stimulate the blood flow to follicles is something that the Beard might need. Always go to a professional Salon for this as Beard hair are soft and a vigorous scratch or massage may just beak the hair from the roots.

19. Are there any scientific ways to increase beard growth other than surgery?

Natural Products like Redensyl, A beard follicle stimulant, are a recent find and it is suggested to promote Beard Growth. But the effects may vary from person to person, depending on your genetic make.

20. Does increase in testosterone lead to beard growth?

Yes, it definitely does so.

21. Is castor oil enough for beard growth?

No Castor oil, alone won’t suffice, a combination of oils and vitamins should do the trick.

22. Does beard oil help with beard growth?

There are specially formulated Beard Growth oils. Wolf’s Rejuvenating Beard Growth oil is one such product.

23. Is a beard trimmer harmful?

Beard Trimmer as such is not harmful but you should use a good trimmer so that it does not pluck the hairs form their roots or follicles.

24. I am 14 years old. Can I Use this product?

We would recommend you to follow a good diet and exercise as in this age, the Beard hair are just starting to form. The products from Wolf are natural and hence don’t cause harm but ideally give yourself 2-3 years and depending on your hair volume and growth, you can select a Beard wash like Wolf’s Nature’s Therapy and A nourishing oil like Wolf’s Anti Frizz to get you the Beard you want.

25. I have beard but don’t have moustache. Will this product help?

Any Beard product doesn’t help with areas that have no hair at all. Wolf’s products help with the faster growth and management of the existing hair to create a good Beard volume and style.

26. I have beard but it is not full growth, as there are some patches. Will this help?

Our products will help grow the existing hair faster and create a good length and help you style better so that you make up for the patches.

27. How many times should we use this in a day?

Use the Wolf Nature’s therapy Beard Wash every alternate day, and use the Beard oil once in a day. Use wax whenever you want to style, but don’t forget to wash your hair after you use the wax, as the wax attracts dust and Beard hygiene is key to Beard Growth.

28. Can I Use this for head hair?

We won’t recommend this as there are specially formulated hair oils for the exposure to scalp.

29. I am 18 years old. Can I Use this product?

Go Ahead, Wolf is all yours to use 🙂